What to do in jakarta. 5 Tourist Attractions Recommendations in Jakarta

For Singaporeans, Jakarta is one of the favorite cities to visit for a holiday. The capital city of Indonesia offers all-day night entertainment with different vibes from Singapore’s hustle and bustle. What’s better is that sensational Indonesian cuisines can be found anywhere in Jakarta.

To go there, you need to take your Singapore to Jakarta flight. One of the best places to get your ticket is Traveloka. You can choose various airlines and times to visit Jakarta. The best thing to consider is that to enjoy Jakarta, you need more than one day or two days, so the place is perfect for a long vacation.

Here are five things to enjoy when you have your holiday trip to Jakarta!

What To Do In Jakarta?

1.     Visit Monas Tower!

Monas Tower is  Jakarta’s icon as well as a symbol of Indonesia’s independence. The tower represents Indonesia’s decolonization from Dutch which was declared in 1945. Monas is located in Merdeka Square which means freedom and there you will find a full view of Indonesia’s history in its diorama room.

But, the main attraction of Monas is its observation deck at the top of it. From there, you can see Jakarta’s scenery with its combination of natural surroundings and skyscrapers.

The main draw however is a trip to the observation deck at the top of the tower which affords views in all directions across the city.


2.     Visit Taman Mini

Indonesia is well known for its 17,000 islands over the country’s hemisphere. So, it will be very difficult to explore it all, except if you visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or TMII. There, you can effortlessly see Indonesia’s geographical situation together with its cultural things.

Taman Mini is a park that is arranged and highlights all of Indonesia’s provinces in separate locations. You will find the difference between them, by looking at the traditional home attractions with costumes and architecture in each of the locations. So, you will find yourself enjoying Indonesia’s rich culture when you visit Taman Mini.

3.     Strolling Around Kota Tua

Kota Tua is Indonesia’s phrase and represents Jakarta as an old town called Batavia. In the past, Batavia was one of the most historically significant parts of Jakarta before the city became this superb. You will find the historical vibes and ambiance of Jakarta in Kota Tua, so it is a perfect destination for your historical tour.

As you walk around the area you will find pretty architecture that dates from the Dutch colonial period. Also, you will find many artists and photographers that you cannot find in Singapore and the food from local hawkers near the Kota Tua are the best things to eat.


4.     Music Festival

Besides Singapore, Indonesia is one of the most visited countries by international musicians and artists. So, Jakarta is one of the places you must visit if you are looking for big stages or gigs. There are many music festivals and events, such as DWP, Java Jazz, Hammersonic and other international concerts.

Due to its diversity, you can enjoy many choices of music concerts and festivals in Jakarta. Usually, the concert will be held at big venues, such as Tennis Indoor Senayan or Stadion Gelora Bung Karno.

5.     Trip to Pulau Seribu

Pulau Seribu or Thousand Islands are considered part of greater Jakarta which offers the best natural place with isles to enjoy. There, you will find many activities to enjoy beside the beach, from boat tours or island hopping.

One of the best islands to stay in is Pulau Macan, where you can enjoy the perfect sunset and snorkel to see Indonesia’s underwater scenery. Also, the place offers high-quality resorts with the best services of food and hospitality.

what to do in jakarta

That’s all things you don’t want to miss when you take your trip to Jakarta. You can prepare your trip and holiday from Singapore to Indonesia’s capital city with ease from Traveloka. You only need to register your Traveloka account via the website or mobile application before booking your plane ticket. Then, confirm your book and pay it with various payment methods.

Using Traveloka, you can enjoy various options of airlines with choices of local destinations and around the world.


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