OPTOM Eyecare Bangi Customises Your Frame.

I’ve heard about OPTOM Eyecare before but I am not sure about it. Apparently, it is an optical shop where you can also customize your frame. Quality affordable products. They are now in Bangi. OPTOM Eyecare Bangi.

I always feel pounding when going to these places, and one of them is an optical shop. Just like taking the seat in a barbershop when the barber starts to ask

” Mau gunting macamana? sini mau pendek ka panjang, mau layered ka atau slope?”

Too many questions, too many specifications.

The same feeling when trying few samples for my new pair of glasses, when in the end I have few pairs of frames and couldn’t decide which one to go. One might make me look like Johnny Depp but the arms are too long, looking like they’re sticking out from the back of my head.

While the other ones looks ok but feels uncomfortable. Too big or too small. Furthermore, if you are wearing a hijab, you might one your frame to fit firmly without messing your RM1000 Duck.

OPTOM Eyecare Bangi
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OPTOM Eyecare is now in Bangi

Optom Eyecare is a brand experienced in managing the vision system and selling branded optical goods. They started operating in 2016, as a virtual online business and now have helped thousands of needy people through premises opened near your residence.

OPTOM Eyecare’s first optical store was located at Alor Setar. Their business grew year by year and established their second branch in April 2021 in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.


OPTOM Eyecare customises your frame

Before we move on, let’s get to know the specs of your frame. There are 3 main measurements on each frame, you might notice there are 3 numbers printed on the frame. These numbers are important to know to fit the frame according to the shape and sizes of your face.

  • Lens Width – the width of you lens area (one side)
  • Bridge Width – the distance between your two lenses. It is the space where your frames fit against your nose
  • Temple Length – the length of the arms. The part rested on your ears to hold the frame.

OK. This is not helping. I can’t remember all these. I have my accounts number, numbers on my passwords, the size of my shoes, and now 3 more numbers to remember.

Fret not. The people in OPTOM Eyecare Bangi will sort this out for you!

A special app is used to calculate and identify the best frame size to fit the shape of your face and the frame then will be customized accordingly.

Also known as bespoke frames and spectacles where your glasses will be totally unique, designed, crafted, and adjusted according to your lifestyle and wishes.

There are more than 70 models in 7 series and 3 categories, including adult bespoke eyewear, children/teenager corrective spectacle, and sunglasses. With 14 color choices, you can also print your names on it! Awesome.

Not a cheapo thingy, the materials are made from Germany. Achtung!

You may read here to get more Tips on How To Choose The Frame That Fits Your Personality

OPTOM Eyecare Bangi
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Eye screening & vision therapy

So, fashion, exclusive, and comfort are taken care of. What about vision therapy?

I found some optical shops pay less attention to eye screening, just by having your power and glare level.

“Ok you punya power sekarang sudah 300. Silau pun sudah naik sikit” that’s it.

You choose your frame and pay.

However, that is not what you will get here.

OPTOM Eyecare Bangi provides its customers with skilled optometrists and the latest technologies for eye screening. They will get into the details of your eyesight in 4 different check-up

4 different checkups/steps.

  1. +Neurofunctional virtual Eye profile.
  2. +Structural virtual Eye profile.
  3. +nerves & Vessel virtual eye profile.
  4. +refractive virtual eye profile

Identify the fluency of 17 basic eye skills

  1. +eye movement control
  2. +simultaneous focus at far
  3. +sustaining focus at far
  4. +simultaneous focus at near
  5. +simultaneous alignment at far
  6. +sustain alignment at far
  7. +simultaneous alignment at near
  8. +sustaining alignment at near
  9. +visual acuity
  10. +peripheral vision
  11. +depth awareness
  12. +color perception
  13. +gross visual moto
  14. +fine visual motor
  15. +visual perception
  16. +visual integration

OPTOM Eyecare Bangi provides squint therapy for children

Apart from a wide array of choices of frames for kids, OPTOM Eyecare also provides a special therapy to fix squints for children. Further inquiries on this therapy can be obtained at the center.

Value for money

In my humble opinion, I have never been to an optical center equipped with the best facilities with warm and professional customer service and experience. OPTOM Eyecare Bangi offers a wide selection of fashionable high-quality eyeglass frames and optical lenses with an affordable and appropriate price.

Eyecare tips from OPTOM Eyecare Bangi

Where in Bangi

Optom Eyecare BANGI

No.37, Jalan 8/1, Seksyen 8, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
It Opens everyday from 9am – 8pm
GPS: https://goo.gl/maps/KFs6hsbfRa3551Gj9

If you’re in Kedah:

Optom Eyecare Kedah
No 17-GF, Taman Bandar Baru Mergong, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah

Tel: 011-10641167

Website: https://optom.com.my/
IG: www.instagram.com/optombangi
Fb: www.facebook.com/optombangi


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