Zing+ Radian Film 3 in 1 facial cleanser amazing value in small package

There’s been numerous products of  3 in 1 facial cleanser in the market today but recently I was introduced to this new products which for me the best for its ingredient and most importantly it comes in ergonomic design. This product is called Zing+ Radian Film.

Apart from its refreshing feels, it is for me the handiest cleansing foam. Zing+ Radian Film is actually a 3 in 1 facial cleanser nicely packaged in a light handy casing.



Why do I feel it handy?

Because  with Zing+ Radian Film, I don’t have to carry a make-up remover and facial foam with me whenever I want to perform my pray in a surau. Usually, I have to bring my facial foam to take off my make-up just before taking my wudhu.

Having done this usually will end up with my handbag got wet or if it is not put in properly in your handbag, it will tend to leak out. I hate it when it happened. phew…!

Zing+ Radian Film is a cleanser in a form of thin film. It almost feels like light plastic or paper and not in liquid form. So it is dry. Zing+ Radian Film comes in a small and light casing which make it easy for you to put it in your handbag, just like your compact powder casing.

3 in 1 facial cleanser
it diluted once water drops on the zinc film


User Friendly

I found it very user friendly. All I need to do to take out my make up is to take a piece of Zing+ Radian Film and put in my palm. Then I gently applied few drops of water onto it until the film turns into foam. It is important for you to ensure your hands are dry before taking Zing+ Radian Film from its case to ensure it wont’s turn to foam from before you placed it into your palm.

Apply the foam to your face , wash and rinse as usual..and walla..done. Make-up is out and I can now take my wudhu. Oh, before using Zing+ Radian Film, I always make sure to check and recheck that I fully lock the  cleansing foam (usually its tube is wet by this time) into my handbag.

Not to worry about that anymore hehehe.

During my first experience using the film, I didn’t expect that this thin tiny film is able to do the trick. But to my surprise, with just a small piece of film,  the moist form the foam is able to removed my make up and also leave a fresh and moist feeling to my skin. In fact I can continue face washing with beautiful eyes open.

Awesome !

Now when I look at its formula, I was not surprise how this products provides great feeling to my skin.

BACA : Lelaki patut cuba mandian dashing 2 in 1


3 in 1 facial cleanser Zing+ Radian Film contains the following :

  • Royal jelly from Australia’s native honey bee which supports skin renewal and boost production of collagen.
  • Aloe Barbadensis offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • Citrus acid which has benefits of improving texture of skin
  • Rose essence oil for skin nourishing, whitening and anti-wrinkle
  • Witch hazel  acts as natural cleanser and toner which also makes your skin glow and smooth complexion.


Travel saviour

As for those of you who loves travelling  like myself this is definitely a saviour, it really really helps a lot. I will definitely carry Zing+ Radian Film along because it is not in a liquid from which I need to be aware during clearance in airports.

Super Easy.

3 in 1 facial cleanser


Other benefits

It provides other benefits to the skin too such as fixing large pores and skin getting worse in cosmetic residues, skin pigmentation and discolouration, blackheads and acne and dry or rough skin.

Wow ! So the Zing+ Radian Film is a 3 in 1 facial cleanser which also gives you refreshing and soothing feeling. It is easy to carry form and suitable for any skin type.

Oh I should highlight this. It is also suitable for children as well, since it does not sting the eyes during washing



1 box = 1+3 refill packs
1 pack = 50 films
1 box = 200 films

I tell you…This small package really comes with huge value lah…

For those of you who would like to get the Zing+ Radian Film, you may contact this person

  • CJ Winners          019-7503887
  • Adrisha Affendi  012-6821248


  • 1 Box Radian – 200films : RM 199 including postage to West/East Msia (Newly Launched)
  • 3 Box Radian – 600films : RM 471 including postage to West Msia  +RM 25 postage to East Msia


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