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Many women think that beauty is synonymous with suffering. I was like that too, I thought discomfort was normal if I wanted to show a more feminine and seductive appearance. So, I wore extremely tight pieces that hugged me and left me feeling hot on summer days.

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Furthermore, I wouldn’t give up high-heeled shoes and accessories that I see today are completely unnecessary. It was while researching ways to free myself from the chains of outdated fashion that I discovered Popilush! A store that delivers comfort, quality and fashion through the production of the perfect shapewear dress for the female figure, with benefits that can make the lives of modern women like you and me easier. There are many female body shapes and they all deserve to have their natural beauty highlighted without distinction!

The store specializes in many models that can meet all your needs. You can find clothes for going to work, parties or informal events like a lunch with friends. You can choose between clothes for working out, bodysuits that can be worn under your work uniform, modeling your shape invisibly and, above all, a huge variety of shapewear dress for every benefit you can imagine.


Furthermore, it is a representative fashion. It delivers the main trends of the moment through assertive clothing that shapes your body, leaving you more confident and secure as a woman. Everyone feels welcomed when wearing a Popilush piece, inclusion is an important pillar in the company’s mission and those who reap the benefits are intelligent women like you who decided to invest in a shaper dress.

There is a high chance that you will fall in love with each of the dresses available in the store. But what enchanted me most were the long lounge dresses because they are highly adaptable and should be part of every woman’s collection of basics and essentials.

There are different colors and sizes that range from XS to 3XL and are available for many types of women with different bodies. They are made from soft, ribbed modal fabric that provides comfort and flexibility. This type of fabric is practical and leaves you free from the inconvenient effects of sweat. They can be used with sneakers, combat boots and all types of shoes you have in your closet.


The shapewear bodycon dress is an 8 in 1 full of possibilities and cannot be missing from your everyday life. There’s a bodysuit underneath that molds invisibly. No one will know you’re wearing a dress with built-in shapewear. It has no markings and always provides the best comfort.

You can combine your piece with different accessories, creating a different look every time you go out. Having the freedom to choose to wear comfortable, beautiful clothes that make you more feminine without causing discomfort is the key to changing your happiness. Female empowerment happens when we value who we are and respect our bodies. Popilush allows you to love your body and the woman you have become even more.

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